Amelia Rico is also an award winning Writer, Director, Editor and Producer. She believes that representation matters so she strives to always use her voice to amplify other under-represented minorities, including but not limited to female, POC and LGBTQ+. She has worked on multiple all female cast films and all minority cast films and she plans to continue working with other local Writers and Producers to showcase new voices and create diverse and rich films filled with new and unseen stories.

Fall Apart Music Video

As directed by Amelia Rico

The Book of Magdalene

The Book of Magdalene by Caridad Svich is now STREAMING ONLINE at Theatre Times International Online Theatre Festival, May 20-June 4, 2021

Something Like Sunshine

Amelia Rico produced, directed, edited and color graded L.J. Waller’s web series, Something Like Sunshine. Featuring a full cast of Black and Latinx actors, Something Like Sunshine is about 2 sisters trying to find their way to each other.


Amelia Rico has written many scripts, including Horror-Comedy feature, ZomBFFs, which follows a group of girls into adulthood, when they accidentally bring their childhood BFF back from the dead. ZomBFFs is full of crude humor, thrilling drama and female empowerment.


Amelia Rico produced short film, TAROKI, as a companion film to her feature, ZomBFFs, following a group of young girls who stumble upon the TAROKI board on their way home. View the full movie at Ricornel Productions.

Indie Film Workshop

Amelia Rico and her husband, Art Ornelas, also offer the Indie Film Workshop, where actors can get together and create their own content. With over 15 years experience writing scripts and creating content for other people, Amelia loves writing ensemble films for a diverse cast.

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