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Amelia Rico is an award winning Indigenous/Tejana Writer, Director, Editor and Producer. She believes that representation matters so she strives to always use her voice to amplify other historically under-represented minorities, including but not limited to female, POC and LGBTQ+. She has worked with both film and theater producers to showcase new voices and create diverse and rich works filled with new and unseen stories.

Below you will not only see some of Amelia’s work as a director, but see it packaged with video and photography created by her multi-media production company, Ricornel Productions.

26 Miles
by Quiara Alegría Hudes

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Director’s Statement

On the surface 26 Miles by Quiara Alegría Hudes is about a mother and a daughter re-connecting through a road trip across America, but digging deeper I feel that the true theme is about reconnecting with our mother-identity. 

 At the very beginning, our main character, Olivia, tells us a story about a pickpocket and I was reminded of Indigenous storytelling, orally passing down culture, ceremonial practices, myths, legends, etc. Also, throughout the play there are characters not tied to the main story that seemed to be always around when Olivia was either sharing a story or an excerpt from her self-published magazine or during crossroad moments. Moments when Olivia could either choose to turn back to her life as she has always known it, or continue forward however frightening, difficult or hopeless it might appear to be. With this, my vision began to take shape and I discovered that these were not merely readers, clerks or tamale sellers, but Spirits guiding Olivia through her path, either benevolently or through mischievous trickery.

This is not just a mother/daughter story, this is a story of loss and reclamation, a story of disconnection and reconnection. This is an Our story. View media and news coverage here.

Amelia Rico directed the English-Language premiere of Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter by Caridad Svich at Main Street Theater. Her production not only introduced a new Latine cast to the Main Street Theater stage, but also brought in many new young, BIPOC audience members.

The Book of Magdalene by Caridad Svich, received rave reviews from The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Check out what the critics had to say in the video or view some clips and full reviews here. 

Oh My God

Amelia Rico directed Oh My God, a comedy by Anat Gov in the Fall of 2020, amidst COVID. Watch the video to hear about how she dealt with the hurdles of creating live theater through zoom.

Don't Drink the Water

Amelia Rico re-envisioned and updated Don’t Drink the Water by Woody Allen. Creating space for diverse casting in this fast paced raucous farce.

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